A tank needs to be cleaned regularly irrespective of the various filters, strainers and leaf guards for the sediments, plant materials and wastes that settle at the bottom of the tank. These deposits can affect the color, smell and taste of the water stored. 

Sludge:This refers to the black, oozing sediment that includes all the plant materials, wastes and other unwanted substances that degrade and break down in the bottom of your tank which causes the breeding of unwanted and harmful bacteria that can be extremely dangerous to health. 

How to clean a tank: 

  • The end of summer is the best time to clean the tank because the water level is at the lowest and the tank can be fully drained. This water can be directed towards plants to minimize waste. 
  • The breaker can be used to turn off the pumps at the mains. 
  • A high- pressure hose can be used to flush inlet hose. This helps removing any sludge from the walls of the inlet. 
  • The strainer/ leaf guard should be cleaned 
  • The filter if used, can be replaced. A filter lasts for 12-18 months and hence has to be replaced more often than the cleaning of the tank. 
  • Internal areas can be cleaned with a hose 

Tips for keeping water in good and clean conditions: 

  • Guttering should be kept clear. Tannin staining can be introduced by dead leaves that are collected which will eventually travel towards the tank.
  • Animal and bird droppings can get into the guttering and then get into the water tank. 
  • The inlet strainer should be checked regularly, otherwise the rainwater is just being filtered through a fine mesh of decomposing leaves, plant matter and other wastes. 
  • The inlet and outlet pipes should be screened properly to avoid animals from entering. Dead animals will affect the water supply in extremely unpleasant in all aspects. 
  • The walls of the tank should be regularly checked for any tree branches that might enter the walls of the tank. 

Employ a cleaning company: 

Many tank cleaning companies use a vacuum to clean the sludge without compromising the water level or the water quality. The tank can be cleaned without getting inside the tank. The company will have relevant equipment and manpower with appropriate training to do this safely. This process is less wasteful and the water can be used later the same day. 

Installing a pump: 

There are some companies that provide a pump, specifically made to ensure that sludge doesn’t enter the build up in the first place. The can be installed in a concrete tank or added to an existing build.

Using some of the above ways you could clean you tank and maintain a clan source of water for your daily activities all through the year.

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